SingPost launches new postal solution


SingPost has launched its integrated postal solution SmartPost and unveiled proprietary logistics software Last Mile Platform (LaMP), both aimed at bringing greater convenience, flexibility and control to customers.

SmartPost will enable tracking of deliveries and electronic signing-over of registered mail delivered by 1,000 SingPost staff through a mobile application. Near Field Communication (NFC) tags that are installed at about 15,000 delivery points are scanned to enable operational and productivity data to be logged in real time. Moreover, SingPost plans to include additional facilities such as mobile notification of delivery status by 2020.

Meanwhile, SingPost also unveiled a last-mile platform called LaMP which consolidates various last-mile delivery services, such as courier services, parcel lockers, brick-and-mortar collection points, onto a single platform.. The company said it is “technology-agnostic” and is therefore able to integrate services from different providers.

Mr Paul Coutts, Chief Executive Officer of SingPost, said, “In digitalising the postal service, we look to contribute to Singapore’s Smart Nation vision, bringing fresh customer experiences, powerful urban logistics solutions, and opportunities to upskill our people with new capabilities for the future.”

Source: SingPost