SEKO Logistics to work with Peli BioThermal

SEKO Logistics has been awarded a three-year contract with Peli BioThermal in Ireland. It opened its operations in Ireland in January 2019 as part of its continuing core market investment strategy.

In the three-year contract SEKO will serve as Peli BioThermal’s network station and service centre in Dublin, connecting them with pharmaceutical clients across the country.

The Master Services Agreement will see SEKO service, refurbish, repair and condition Peli BioThermal’s Crēdo on Demand shippers, which ensure delicate biological life science materials arrive intact and effective, protected from exterior environments.

The work will be carried out in SEKO’s Good Distribution Practice (GDP) compliant warehouse in Dublin by GDP-trained staff who have been certified by Peli BioThermal’s specialists. SEKO will also use a team of GDP-trained drivers to distribute the temperature-controlled, preconditioned and validated containers for loading to shippers across Ireland, which is home to many biotech and pharma companies.        

In Dublin, SEKO is now responsible for delivering Peli BioThermal’s commitment to provide high performance, flexible rental options for its Crēdo Cargo, Crēdo Xtreme and Crēdo Cube temperature-controlled packaging – a choice of applications designed to suit all pharmaceutical shipper requirements.  

Michael Daly, Managing Director of SEKO Logistics in Ireland, said, “SEKO already has a global reputation for high quality MedTec solutions so we understand the strict requirements of the medical and pharma industries. As Peli BioThermal’s sole service centre operation in Ireland, we will ensure their customers here receive the same level of service quality, worry-free management, availability and flexibility that is the hallmark of Peli BioThermal’s growing choice of network stations around the world.”

Source: SEKO Logistics