SEKO Logistics launches new aerospace & aviation industry vertical

SEKO Logistics has announced the creation of a new Aerospace & Aviation industry vertical with global centres of excellence and core competencies to deliver value-added services and technology solutions for customers. The new SEKO Aerospace & Aviation sector is to be headed by Bryan Lowrie, Managing Director, and headquartered in Dallas, US.

Lowrie said of the development, “This is a market in which you only make your mark once you’ve earned the trust of the customers and that is what we have been doing over recent years. Customers don’t buy from you unless they know you because in the aerospace industry trust in a logistics company is not an insignificant thing. If you have a production line building a plane, a ripple effect is caused if someone is late. Customers need the supply chain to be precise and they must be kept well informed.”

According to the announcement, SEKO currently works with the aerospace companies that build the airplanes and aviation companies that operate them. The majority of its business today consists of airfreight imports into the U.S. from global suppliers.

Within the existing SEKO Logistics network of over 120 offices in 40 countries, there are now Aerospace & Aviation centres of excellence in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. Other locations already France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Turkey and South Korea. The network is expected to be expanded by Singapore, China, India, Brazil and Ireland.

SEKO’s existing solutions offer global aircraft manufacturing support, supplier management, government and defense services, and aviation logistics support for AOG shipments and parts for regular maintenance, repair and overhaul operations.