Schneider launches digital marketplace for bulk shippers


Schneider announced the launch of its digital marketplace to give bulk shippers more freedom and visibility 24/7. 

The company is expanding its technology line-up of Schneider FreightPower technology to create a revolutionary digital marketplace for bulk shippers. Schneider aims to digitise the bulk industry by taking the complexity out of quoting, booking and tracking and improving simplicity for shippers.  

“With Schneider FreightPower, they can book a bulk load from their smartphone or computer,” said Schneider Senior Vice President of Bulk Jason Howe.

With Schneider FreightPower shippers can instantly quote and book their freight. Once booked, customers use FreightPower to track the progress of their shipment from pickup to delivery.

“We are improving access to capacity, so shippers can do business better than ever,” said Schneider President and CEO Mark Rourke. 

Source: Schneider