Ryder to provide warehousing and transportation management solutions for Maxon across North America


Ryder System has announced its new partnership with Maxon Lift Corporation (Maxon), a manufacturer of truck and trailer liftgates in North America. This is the first time Maxon made the decision to outsource its warehousing function, recently tapping into five Ryder-operated warehouse facilities in California, Texas, Indiana, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

Additionally, Maxon relies on Ryder to handle their transportation management, using Ryder’s Freight Management Group to plan and execute outbound shipping from their warehouses to their distributors.

For many years, Maxon was solely focused on producing made-to-order heavy duty liftgates for large fleets. A few years ago, the company realised that there was an untapped market for light duty products. Understanding that this would require a different business model and significantly reduced lead time, Maxon knew it would need a 3PL provider like Ryder to help make it possible.

Anton Griessner, VP of Marketing and Business Development, Maxon, commented: “We needed to take the four-week lead time that we were so familiar with, and shorten it to two days for this product line. It’s impossible to accomplish a task like that on your own, especially from an economic standpoint. The expectation from the end-user and our distributors is that our lift gates will be available today and shipped out by tomorrow. Thanks to having the five Ryder regional warehouses located where they are, in the market regions we need, and having our lift gates available for delivery within 24 hours, we’ve been able to grow across all five regions.”

Ryder plans and executes loads for Maxon on a day-to-day basis and secures the most cost effective and time sensitive transportation solution for them.

Source: Ryder