Rumo introduces new communication system

Rumo, a Brazilian rail operator, has developed a new smartphone application in-house that will manage the performance of trains operating between the midwest, southeast and south of Brazil. The system will be fully rolled out within two months.

The application offers the driver an integrated system for managing work schedules, payslips and holidays. The company, in turn, will have access to team information in real time. The old system – in which the driver was called up by phone calls – will continue to operate whilst the mobile application is being rolled out. The distribution of smartphones began last month and should be completed by October.

Freight trains within the region of Rumo concessions can travel up to 2,000 km, meaning that a trip may involve more than ten drivers.

“In addition to all the advantages for the team of drivers, such as the ability to see all your data anywhere, anytime, adjusting the schedules will prevent train stoppages whilst the crew waits for the arrival of a new team to lead it. We want to get as close as possible to zero interruptions, ensuring predictability and confidence,” said the director of Technology for Rumo, Roberto Rubio Potzmann, adding: “The smartphone and the application represent a revolution because they create a permanent communication channel between the company and the employee, allowing the constant adoption of new technologies related to efficiency, planning and security,” he added.

Source: Rumo