Rhenus takes over SBL Importverkehrslogistik


The Rhenus Group has announced it has acquired the freight forwarding company, SBL Importverkehrslogistik, which has its headquarters in Ratingen, Germany. The firm provides import and export logistics services, specialising in transport operations by ship, rail and truck as well as offering complete solutions in the steel sector.

SBL Importverkehrslogistik also handles project business, including transport operations for heavy-duty and special items. However, warehousing, transport insurance, customs clearance, settling insurance claims and document management are all services that the freight forwarding company provides in addition to its transport operations. Most of its customers are European steel importers, traders and producers.

“The acquisition offers Rhenus Commodity Logistics the opportunity of significantly expanding its current customer base,” said Hugo Geerts, Managing Director of Rhenus Holding Belgium.

“By selling SBL Importverkehrslogistik to the family-managed Rhenus Group, we want to safeguard the future viability of the freight forwarding company after I leave the firm due to my age,” said co-owner Hartfried Butenhoff.

As part of the acquisition, Butenhoff will continue to be an adviser and Christian Gansow will remain as managing director.

Source: Rhenus Logistics