WEF Papers

Each year, the World Economic Forum’s Logistics and Supply Chain Global Agenda Council publishes the ‘Outlook on the Logistics Supply Chain Industry’ containing a collection of short essays highlighting some of the topics discussed by the Council over the past year. These papers can now be downloaded from the Transport Intelligence website individually.

Each paper focuses on a unique topic, promoting interest and discussion on pertinent themes concerning the future of the sector. The essays are clustered around the issues of trade facilitation, opportunities and threats, notably climate change adaptation, connectivity and the intelligent use of data. They also focus on specific applications, particularly food supply chains and regional imperatives.

The series contains expert analysis from industry thought leaders including JOHN MANNERS-BELL, CEO OF TRANSPORT INTELLIGENCE AND CHAIRPERSON OF THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM’S LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN GLOBAL AGENDA COUNCIL. The full document can be downloaded by following this link.

If you have any comments about the material which is provided free of charge on this page, please contact [email protected].


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