Raben Logistics opens new warehouse near Warsaw

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Raben Logistics Polska, with its long-term partner MAKRO Cash & Carry Polska, has opened a new warehouse in Adamów near Warsaw, Poland.  The facility with an area of 33,000 sq m, is equipped with solutions that aim to increase process efficiencies, the safety of employees and will help the companies to meet market requirements and customer expectations. 

Raben Logistics Polska processes previously carried out in Błonie near Warsaw were now transferred to the new warehouse. The facility is located next to Autostrada Wolności (Highway of Freedom), a strategically relevant junction for domestic and international transport.

“Changing the warehouse is a necessary investment for us from the business point of view. Our needs related to the performing of logistics processes have increased, and the possibility of transferring them to A2 Warsaw Park in Adamów will certainly satisfy them, thanks to the greater efficiency of storage. The warehouse was built according to our needs. Thanks to this, we can implement innovative methods of handling orders of a key client in this location in a manner dedicated to him, and a number of technical innovations that facilitate and improve the work of people employed here.” said Jolanta Sawińska, Area Director, Raben Logistics Polska.

The new warehouse measures 11.7 meters in storage height and has a hall for storing flammable liquids equipped with additional inter-rack sprinklers, along with fire protection systems and a sprinkler system compliant with NFPA13 standards aimed to ensure employee safety.

It also is equipped with an automatic sorting system created in cooperation with its client MAKRO for increased efficiency, along with forklifts operated through lithium-ion batteries, known to recharge quickly. The location also offers 45 parking spaces for trucks.

Source: Raben Group


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