Raben Group establishes direct services to Portugal

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Raben Trans European Germany GmbH is partnering with Torrestir to offer direct daily connections to Portugal from all of its German locations from May 1, 2021. Raben will offer a direct service to Portugal using its time-focussed delivery concept. As a full-service logistics provider, Raben completely organises the movement of any shipment until it reaches Portugal. Torrestir will then take control of the delivery at a local level. Torrestir has 16 branches in Portugal and more than 30,000 sq m of warehouse space, with a fleet of around 600 vehicles. The firm offer branches in both Braga and Porto, where there is a strong automotive industry.

Helder Silva, Managing Director of Torrestir Transitários, stated, “Since we can fully organise both the first and last mile with our partner network and the international connection is handled with the Torrestir fleet, we do not rely on subcontractors.”

“The new cooperation with Torrestir strengthens our direct traffic to Portugal. Due to our close-meshed general cargo network, we now have the possibility to transport goods from numerous European countries directly to the Iberian peninsula,” said Markus Schmitz, Business Manager International Freight Forwarding at Raben.

Raben stated that the expansion into Portugal comes as part of broader plans to expand into the whole of the Iberian Peninsula, with Raben planning to offer direct services to Spain starting this summer. 

Source: Raben


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