Areas of expertise

Ti Consultancy has core areas of expertise which include mergers & acquisitions, market analysis, competitor intelligence, client targeting, strategy formulation and market surveys. The information below gives more detail around the expertise and our case studies page focusses on actual projects that Ti Consultancy have completed.

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Types of projects

We have covered a wide variety of projects - click on a sector to find out more:

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Project Types

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Assistance with corporate strategic planning and acquisition strategy
  • Research into companies operating in defined markets
  • Identification of likely targets meeting the acquisition criteria
  • Reviewing the publicly available information on the targets
  • Assistance with due diligence e.g. reviewing the integrity of business plans, testing financial models plus assessing trends in the market and how they impact on the target companies’ prospects
  • Assembling data on comparable listed companies and purchases/sales of comparable companies

Market Analysis

  • PESTLE analysis
  • Market tracking through economic/industry indicators
  • Cost tracking
  • Market sizing/forecasts
  • Assess impacts caused by macro-trends e.g. globalisation, out-sourcing, economic etc

Competitor Intelligence

  • SWOT analysis
  • Operational/service/product profiling
  • Financial ratio analysis and benchmarking
  • Rate tracking

Client Targeting

  • Developing sales target criteria
  • Industry sector analysis/client needs assessment
  • Client target list identification

Strategy formulation

  • Customer/supplier perception studies
  • Operational analysis
  • Organic/acquisition development options
  • Product development

Market Surveys

Many of the projects which we have undertaken involve face-to-face, telephone or electronic surveys – or indeed a combination of all three – depending on the client's needs. Sometimes the only way to achieve the necessary levels of market or competitor intelligence is to conduct interviews in-country and our consultants have travelled to markets as wide ranging as Mexico, Vietnam, Japan, Russia and Jordan to undertake such projects. Their extensive industry knowledge allows them to build relationships with their interviewees, probe deeply and gain high levels of value from each interview.
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Brand awareness
  • Attitudinal, usage and perception
  • Gap analysis
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Employee feedback