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What is GSCi?

Global Supply Chain Intelligence (GSCi) is an online knowledge platform which allows users to manipulate unique data and analysis dedicated to the logistics industry.

Content is kept completely up to date by a dedicated team of researchers and analysts, accessible anywhere in the world through online subscription.

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What GSCi will do for you:

  • Help you to identify opportunities for growth
  • Provide data to support your strategic decisions
  • Remain up with industry trends and developments
  • Understand future impacts on the industry








What GSCi will do for you:

  • Help you to identify opportunities for growth
  • Provide data to support your strategic decisions
  • Remain up with industry trends and developments
  • Understand future impacts on the industry








What GSCi offers:

  • Market data and analysis to bring you up to date with the latest trends, growth rates and forecasts - Understand the potential in different markets and assess the potential for growth or threats where growth is possible,
  • Country and vertical sector analysis - Understand the scope of the logistics industry at a granular level.
  • Strategic, operational and financial data on companies - Allowing you to identify positions of strength and weakness.
  • Live data covering all the key metrics for the logistics industry through the Ti Dashboard - Allowing you to maximise on market trends as they develop with a complete view of the market.

What else you can expect from GSCi

  • Dedicated account management team 
  • Exclusive content written by senior management with notification of weekly portal updates
  • Create your own reports using GSCi data through the 'My reports' function 
  • Access over 300 Ti Market reports
  • Global and small group licenses available for multiple user access

The ‘Gig Economy’ and the status of Transport Workers

Many logistics companies are rightly proud of the sustainability initiatives which they have introduced within their warehousing and transport operations.

Despite this, the fundamental business models and employment structures which many companies in the sector operate are coming under intense scrutiny due to the impact which they have on logistics workers. Many of the issues relate to the highly subcontracted nature of labour in the transport market.


Illicit supply chains: the logistics industry’s dirty secret

For decades the trend towards globalization seemed unstoppable. The benefits, so the argument went, were obvious: lower costs for Western consumers; jobs and higher standards of living for workers in developing countries.




Logistics Quarterly – Trade Growth Moderating at Start of Q4 

Logistics Quarterly is a quarterly review of trade trends and logistics data, written and produced by Ti’s economist David Buckby and ASR strategist Zahra Ward-Murphy.





Logistics & Supply Chain Company Profile – Amazon

Find out more about Amazon's logistics strategy through this 14 page company profile examining the company's progress by market, competition and any threats to its success.  

Every GSCi subscription has a dedicated account team which will provide you with initial training, step by step guides and are on call to answer any questions you have to enable you to get the maximum potential from your subscription:

Account manager: Your account manager is responsible for helping clients get the most out of their portal subscription. They will help you find the market intelligence you need for your business. All our account managers have a background in research which gives them excellent knowledge of the logistics industry and of the solutions Ti has developed to serve stakeholders in the market.

Account executive: Your account executive will help set up your subscription and will assist with any questions you have.

Researcher/Analyst: Once your subscription is set up, you will be assigned a researcher/analyst who will assist with any specific research and content questions you have when using GSCi.

GSCi is used by:

  • LSP's 
  • Banks
  • Consultancies
  • Shippers

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