One such problem is capacity and utilisation… it’s not a new problem, in fact it’s as old as the industry itself.

It afflicts road freight acutely, and problem solvers working on these markets have attracted a lot of attention lately, with a surge of VC funding creating new digital road freight exchanges and load matching platforms, all promising business models that can solve the utilization problem and drive down costs.

Great. But so far none of them have brought the revolution they’ve promised in their pitches.

At Ti we asked ourselves why these companies haven’t delivered and whether they might soon?

We know the problem is real enough. When Ti has measured utilization rates we’ve shown that they vary from 30-60% (you can get the more detailed breakdown of these figures on our GSCi database).

We know there’s huge scope for efficiency gains, but which companies will make a difference?

For that we need to look in depth at their business models, and assess just how big a share of the market they might take, which, GSCi will help you do.

So, if you would like to know which of these companies are most interesting, how they might change the industry and how Ti envisions the structure of the market changing over the next 10 years, then you need to take a look at our GSCi database, or check out our road freight market report series.