Pilot Freight Services expects e-commerce to power growth in 2018 after double-digit revenue growth in 2017

Pilot Freight Services, the largest privately held freight forwarder in the United States, has reported 2017 revenues of $639m, up by 10%.

The back end of the year was especially strong, with back-to-back record months in November and December.

“For the second month in a row, every Pilot product line saw double digit growth,” said John Hill, president and chief commercial officer. “In 2018, we expect our international product, driven by our new leadership team, will dominate our growth pattern, with e-commerce and logistics being strong vehicles for progress, as well,” he says.

Looking ahead the company is expecting international growth from customers in the maritime, chemical, apparel and tech industries.

Its press release also emphasised the opportunity in e-commerce: “While the fraction of global purchasing done online still remains relatively small, Pilot sees an enormous opportunity to continue expanding in this vertical and provide even greater service and flexibility to its e-commerce customers. Pilot is working to create more expedited shipping solutions for its e-commerce business, both locally and nationally, with faster delivery times and more transparency through the shipping process.”

Source: Pilot Freight Services