Performance Team – a Maersk Company announces a new cold chain facility in South Carolina


Performance Team – A Maersk Company has announced a new cold storage facility planned for Ridgeville, South Carolina, to serve temperature-controlled goods, opening in Q1 2023. This news follows the previous announcement for a new cold facility in Dayton, New Jersey.

The new facility will offer supply chain simplification benefits to customers, cold storage solutions, refrigerated inland trucking, blast/quick freezing, USDA meat inspections, boxing/repacking, and other value-added services.

The new site will reach 80 million consumers within one day and 225 million consumers within two days. It will comply with the company’s cold storage building sustainability standards. It will be certified LEED Gold and have rooftop solar, a CO2 cascade refrigeration system, LEDs and smart lighting, low-flow water devices, rainwater recapture, electric car charging, and use a virtual power purchase agreement for clean power to offset any grid power consumption.

Source: Maersk