Panalpina launches digital customer portal

Panalpina has announced the launch of its new digital customer portal. The portal enables customers to benefit from a wide range of instant and real-time services. It is currently available to selected customers by invitation only and will be launched globally this summer.

Customers will be able to manage their entire supply chain end-to-end with all partners in one digital place. They can request an instant quote, as well as book and track their shipments in an intuitive, integrated and thus seamless flow. Self-service reporting will complement the user experience. As features are added, the portal will not only offer interaction capabilities with Panalpina’s customers, but also suppliers, and enable system-based procurement of services; web and electronic channels that offer Panalpina services and lead to contract closure; electronic channels to exchange service orders; applications supporting shipment execution and settlement process; and a wide range of integration, visibility and reporting services for suppliers and customers.

“In the past two years, we have invested significant time and resources in developing different elements of the portal to establish the best digital experience for our customers. In particular, the quoting and shipment-visibility capabilities of the new portal are hitting the core of today’s demands,” comments Ralf Morawietz, CIO at Panalpina.

“Digitalization is the number one trend in logistics and our new customer portal is an industry game changer. Customers, partners and suppliers will increasingly expect to quote, buy, sell and deliver online using dedicated platforms and my priority is that Panalpina offers our customers an engaging, seamless digital experience,” added Stefan Karlen, Panalpina’s CEO.

“There is still significant paperwork coupled with inefficient processes in the industry,” Karlen adds. “With our customer portal, we are one step closer to creating a truly digital end-to-end enterprise which will enable us to drive down costs, shorten response time and offer multiple communication channels to our customers and trading partners.”

Source: Panalpina