Nippon Express sets up regional management organisation in Thailand

Nippon Express South Asia & Oceania, a local subsidiary of Nippon Express, opened the NSAO Mekong Development Centre in Bangkok, Thailand to strengthen Nippon Express’ logistics functions in South Asia and Oceania, particularly in the Mekong Region.

Taking full advantage of Thailand’s status as a core ASEAN member and as a country developing a number of industrial clusters, this new Centre was opened as a regional management organisation to provide support for Nippon Express Group’s logistics operations, transport networks, trucking services, new businesses, as well as IT planning, development and sales functions in the South Asia & Oceania Region.

In establishing this NSAO Mekong Development Centre, Nippon Express hopes to enhance the functions of the Nippon Express Group as a whole in the Mekong Region and the wider South Asia & Oceania Region.

Source: Nippon Express


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