Nippon Express forms alliance with SIPG Logistics and KEF

Nippon Express

The East Asia Region of Nippon Express concluded a tripartite memorandum on business collaboration with the General Incorporated Associations Kyushu Economic Federation (KEF) and SIPG Logistics in October 2019.

Nippon Express and SIPGL previously signed a business collaboration memorandum in January 2018 and have been working together since to increase their handling of cargo being imported into China from Japan.

At the same time, KEF has been working to promote economic exchange and expand exports of agricultural products and other goods produced in Kyushu to China. Even before this latest memorandum was concluded, SIPGL Group companies and Kyushu Agricultural and Marine Products, established at the initiative of KEF, had begun handling such exports, and Nippon Express’ Kyushu Region has been assisting in this effort.

Given the further convergence of interest among the three companies in expanding imports from Japan – with SIPGL seeking to increase imports of Japanese goods, KEF looking to promote exports of Kyushu products to China, and Nippon Express hoping to handle greater volumes of import cargo in China as domestic demand picks up – Nippon Express states that this business partnership is designed to facilitate cooperation in expanding Japan-China trade between Kyushu and Shanghai.

The three parties will be teaming up across a broad range of endeavours, working together to promote exports of food, agricultural, forestry, fishery and other products from Kyushu and elsewhere in Japan to China, develop a cooperative framework to expedite quarantine and customs clearance procedures in Shanghai, and exchange personnel and trade-related information.

Source: Nippon Express


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