New ‘Transport Management System’ improves efficiency for Geodis


Geodis’ new Transport Management System (TMS), deployed in all of its 110 agencies, has created major change for its Distribution & Express line of business. Called TEOS, this new tool was developed based on Alertran, the software created by the Spanish software publisher Alerce, which specializes in the transport and logistics sector.

This new transport management software provides real-time tracking of all parcel delivery flows for Geodis in France. Over 370,000 parcels are processed daily via Geodis hubs before being delivered to the final destinations. The new TMS looks to simplify the work of operational teams to ensure the smooth running of transport plans and shipment tracking.

Carried out in partnership with Spanish software publisher Alerce, the deployment took place over a period of several months. Alerce relied on its Alertran software, which manages production and invoicing operations, as well as on the Senda module for route optimization. More than one hundred people were involved in the various phases of the project: tool design, data collection, execution and user training.

Commenting on the new technology, Olivier Mélot, Managing Director of Geodis’ Distribution & Express line of business, said: “This TMS is a centralized tool that is on the cutting-edge of technology; it’s evolutionary, flexible and customized to support our clients’ growth. It is a valuable asset for the future, as it offers our clients impeccable service quality with increased proactivity in the management of shipments.”

Source: Geodis