Network Global Logistics launches a mobile application for managing same-day shipments

Network Global Logistics has launched NGL Mobile, a mobile application for tracking mission-critical shipping and handling.

“We want to empower our clients to quickly access their data anytime, anywhere,” stated Network Global Logistics’ CEO John Labrie. “NGL’s new mobile application goes above and beyond convenience – it seamlessly integrates with our NetShip Solution to provide customers with the peace-of-mind and security that comes from having 100% visibility for their shipments from pickup to delivery.  NGL Mobile gives our clients the tools they need to manage their most important shipments on a platform that is intuitive and efficient.  We are proud to be the first to deliver this amazing functionality to the industry.”

“We have mission critical shipments we need to manage 24/7,” says Jesse Maldonado, Logistics Manager for Stemcyte, a cord blood processing and storage laboratory.  “Using NGL Mobile has improved traceabilty and reduced total package transit time, which ensures the fastest possible arrival at our cord blood bank.  The App provides the visibility and data I need to convey accurate and timely information to our customers regarding their most critical, once-in-a-lifetime shipments, anytime, anywhere.  NGL has taken our customer satisfaction to a whole new level.”

Source: Network Global Logistics