Nagel-Group tests Mercedes Benz eActros

The Nagel-Group has started on-road testing to determine if electric trucks meet the quality standards required by cold chain logistics. The food logistics company has started operating a Mercedes Benz eActros in Hamburg.

The fully electric 18-tonne truck is suited to distribution in urban areas. The specified range stands at 200km. The Nagel-Group will not be making full use of this range initially,

The eActros is equipped with lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 240 kWh. The truck is charged at night at Nagel’s Rungedamm branch. The company has set up its own charging station specifically for this test.

The test, which is due to last for one year, is intended to show to what extent cold chain logistics can rely on the fully electric vehicle.

“Electric mobility provides the opportunity to reduce emissions and meet delivery requirements in urban areas. At the same time, there are many practical challenges and this test will help provide a better understanding of these challenges. Hamburg offers the right urban environment for this on-road testing,” Carsten Taucke, Chief Executive Officer of the Nagel-Group, commented.

This test now launched by the Nagel-Group is part of a series of practical trials by Mercedes Benz for the eActros. In addition to the Nagel-Group, nine customers from different sectors in Germany and Switzerland are taking part in the customer trials.

Source: Nagel-Group