Ti’s 2020 Market Sizing Data & Analysis

Ti’s latest 2020 market sizing data is now available on GSCi for:

  • Freight Forwarding
  • Express
  • Contract Logistics
  • European Road Freight

It includes growth rates for 2019, projections for 2020, 5-year ahead forecasts and COVID-19 impact analysis forecasts.

All of this data is available through the Global Supply Chain Intelligence database (GSCi).


What’s available by Market?


How is the data displayed and visualized?

Ti market sizing can be viewed on GSCi as tables and visualized in heat maps, and in a variety of charts.

Data is displayed in interactive charts and maps to help you understand and interpret the data faster.



Market sizing methodologies and sources

Ti has been developing and refining its market sizing and forecasting methodologies for publication since 2002.

Ti has developed a unique methodology for each logistics market, which is tailored to each segment’s dynamics.

Ti’s market sizing data reflects the theoretical aggregation of all revenues generated through the provision of specified logistics services. The data is produced by aggregating known company revenues and modelling the full market size with Ti’s unique market size and forecasting models.

Ti’s models are based on key economic indicators and proxies provided by reputable global sources such as the IMF or OECD, and national statistics bodies. Ti’s analyst leverage Ti’s extensive primary research to model the relationship between such indicators and logistics market growth, to provide fully scaled up market sizes and forecasts.

The full methodology and definitions for all markets are available on GSCi and upon request.

How can I access it?

You can get quick and easy access to all the market sizing data by subscribing to Ti’s GSCi database.

As a subscriber to GSCi you’ll get access to all this information and updated figures released every May for the full year and updated every September with real growth rates for H1 and revised forecasts. So with a GSCi subscription you’ll always have the latest data on growth in the logistics market, spotting potential problems and identifying opportunities as soon as possible.

You can directly subscribe online or request a preview, the Ti team will be happy to show you some of the data and how to download it before you decide to subscribe.