Marken expands footprint in global clinical trials

Marken has announced the large number of transportation lanes where the UPS airline and ground operations can be used in a new ‘hybrid’ service offering.  The new service is supplemental to their existing specialty operations and will expand Marken’s footprint in the global clinical trials industry.

Over 10% of Marken’s shipments are now travelling with the UPS airline, primarily in Europe and the Americas.  Marken can now offer ‘hybrid’ shipment services from: Mexico to all US cities, the United Kingdom to most European cities, the United Kingdom to the US, and from the US to most Latin American cities.  Additional services from Asia to US destinations and from EU cities to Belgium and Ireland are also planned.

Marken’s new hybrid service enables the booking of shipments in their own proprietary Maestro operating system, managing them from origin to destination while using the UPS network. The service provides more flight options and integrated tracking to and from major airports.  At the same time, Marken can draw on UPS experience with temperature sensitive transportation.

Wes Wheeler, Marken’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We fully expected to take advantage of the UPS global network and announced the start of the new service earlier this year.  In the past eight months, we have delivered on our promise to offer the hybrid service and are pleased to be carrying over 10% of all shipments on a UPS aircraft.  The support we are receiving from our UPS parent is very strong and is opening up many new opportunities to serve our clients.  We are working every day to add lanes to the hybrid service which we believe will allow us to provide a broad range of transport solutions to our clinical clients, which will in turn allow us to continue growing in this important industry.”

Source: Marken