Marken collaborates with e-labeling organisation

Marken has announced that their worldwide depot network was selected by Faubel & Co. Nachf. GmbH as part of a global initiative to develop and implement the use of ‘smart labels’ across the clinical trials supply chain. As a part of the agreement, Marken will use its depot network to provide the infrastructure needed for Faubel to deliver smart label technology for clinical drug products.

The collaboration with Faubel will begin with Marken’s 1,400 sq m Frankfurt depot, which provides customers with packaging, drug storage and distribution, at various temperatures.

Smart label technology eliminates the physical activities related to re-labeling, and also improves accuracy by directly translating clinical trial protocol, clinical drug product information and patient information to investigators, supply chain providers and patients. According to Faubel, the new system takes on special importance with new EU clinical trials guideline ‘Annex VI’, as stability data can be updated on primary labels without opening the secondary packaging.

Frank Jäger, Managing Director of Faubel said, “We are thrilled to use Marken’s dedicated industry knowledge and global network to aid in the initial development and also act as an early adopter for this exciting new technology. This will facilitate the rollout of our Faubel-Med® Label technology to the clinical trial industry.”

“Having been involved since the early days of development of e-labels, I’m excited to see that Marken is incorporating the technology in our global depot network. Using the Faubel-Med Label and our GMP depots as a global platform enables our clients to make processes like the extension of expiry dates more secure and efficient,” said Sascha Sonnenberg, VP Global CTD Sales & Operations at Marken.

“As innovative technologies enter the market, Marken will continue to be a resource offering a highly specialized GDP network,” said Wes Wheeler, Marken’s Chief Executive Officer. He continued, “Marken is confident that by collaborating with Faubel, we are advancing clinical development which we believe will enhance patient safety.”

Source: Marken