Maersk partners with Decathlon in Singapore

Maersk logistics centre

Maersk partners with Decathlon to enhance its last mile service in Singapore. The move follows a record Q1 for Maersk.

Having implemented Decathlon’s 2Hour Click & Collect service, Maersk and Decathlon are now extending the partnership to cover the optimisation of Decathlon’s last mile delivery in Singapore. With the cooperation covering all Decathlon orders, Maersk will work to enhance Decathlon’s E-commerce capability, providing end to end logistics solutions as Decathlon’s dedicated logistics and delivery partner.

Maersk has been one of Decathlon’s key partners in the past years in Singapore and worldwide. At Decathlon Singapore, it works in long term deals with key selected companies to plan and to co-build its supply chains, aiming to test and to co-invent new solutions. This is how it sees its partnership with Maersk over the years to come, especially in the key and strategic last mile business.

This is seen as an important time for Decathlon and is a critical step for a quick and efficient shipment, which can help boost customer satisfaction.

Maersk Singapore has successfully customised and implemented a new solution to meet Decathlon’s E-commerce needs. Since the trial started, it has tweaked delivery solutions to ensure it runs seamlessly, a time where volume increased by 120%.

Maersk is offering an end-to-end solution with last mile eDelivery provided by third parties. This is providing Decathlon’s customers with real-time tracking and visibility of each parcel via a single platform. Maersk has been successful at delivering orders within Decathlon’s promise of 2Hour Click and Collect to Decathlon consumers’ preferred pick-up location.

Source: Maersk