Maersk launches air freight gateway in Miami to serve U.S., Asia and Latin America

Maersk expanded its air freight operations footprint with the April activation of a full-service, in-transit gateway solution in Miami. This new air freight facility underscores Maersk’s commitment to providing connectivity to major Latin American markets. The Miami gateway will serve as a strategic node in Maersk’s global air freight network.

“Our Miami expansion is a vital and strategic addition to our global gateway network, providing connectivity from Asia, Europe, and the US to Latin America,” said John Wetherell, Global Head of Air Freight Forwarding at Maersk.

The new gateway, modeled after operations in Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles, will focus on transhipping European and Asian cargo via Miami to Latin America with competitive connectivity on freighter and passenger capacity. It will support the North American export market to Latin America and the Asian market that serves the Latin American supply chain via cost competitive U.S. routes.

Fully staffed by in-house Maersk Air Freight forwarding professionals, the 90,000 sq ft facility (8,000 sq m) is expected to have significant southward flows and offers key certifications, including U.S. Customs bonded Container Freight Station (CFS) and Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF).

Brent Mayhew, Regional Head of Air Freight for North America, highlighted the benefits of the new services for customers moving time-sensitive, high-value cargo, stating “Adding to our global gateway network, this addition in Miami provides our customers with substantial added value, leveraging structured routing within a gateway environment. This includes seamless truck connectivity through our North American station network, ensuring efficient and reliable integrated logistics solutions.”

Fabio Acerbi, Regional Head of Air Freight for Latin America, sees the new facility adding a layer of cost-effective predictability for Maersk’s Asian customers looking to serve Latin American supply chain needs, adding: “Our Miami Gateway offers an alternative routing option that can provide predictable transit times from our global network, improving connectivity, flexibility, and reliability. It supports the North American and Asian export market, opening new possibilities for our customers in Latin America.”

Maersk’s air freight cargo coverage extends to 70,000 airport pairings across more than 90 countries around the world.


Source: Maersk