Lufthansa expands range of digital services


Lufthansa is offering customers two new programming interfaces for their applications. With the APIs ‘GetCapacity’ and ‘GetRates’, the freight airline is offering its partners direct access to capacity and rate data. Companies can thus use the data in their own system and process it further without having to manually upload it. In addition, real-time data exchange on capacity makes information on flight utilisation available outside of office hours. The service is aimed at speeding up the exchange of information, simplifying it and minimising errors.

Boris Hueske, Head of Digital Transformation at Lufthansa Cargo, said, “We are continually expanding the digital standardised interfaces for our customers in order to further simplify system-to-system communication. The increasing number of users proves how widespread market acceptance is. For Lufthansa Cargo, this is another step on the way to becoming a more digital enterprise.”

‘GetCapacity’ and ‘GetRates’ complement the already established ‘Tracking’ and ‘GetRoutes’ interfaces. Lufthansa say that unlike its predecessors, the new APIs transmit data worthy of protection and are made available to interested parties on request. In contrast, ‘Tracking’ and ‘GetRoutes’ can be called up as usual under The use of all APIs is self-explanatory and usually possible without instruction.

Lufthansa is seeking to install additional intelligent web services for booking in the near future.

Source: Lufthansa Cargo