Logwin closes very successful fiscal year 2022

In the fiscal year 2022, the Logwin Group achieved an increase in revenues and earnings in a market environment characterised by special situations. At €2,259.0m, the Logwin Group’s total revenues substantially exceeded those of the previous year (2021:€1,851.8m). The operating result (EBITA) of €120.1m was considerably higher than the previous year’s result due to increased margins in parts of the business (2021: €100.9m). Accordingly, the net result increased significantly to €73.9m (2021: €63.5m).

At €1,796.0m, sales of the Air + Ocean business segment exceeded the previous year’s level significantly (2021:€1,517.0m), mainly due to high freight rates in the first half of the year with slightly declining volumes in line with the market. The Solutions business segment also achieved an increase in sales to € 466.3m, mainly due to freight rates (2021: €337.0m). The increase was mainly due to the international transport business. Contract logistics and German transport activities recorded volume growth driven by recovery effects compared to the previous year, which had still been affected stronger by the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, price increases contributed to increased revenues.

The Air + Ocean business segment was once again able to increase its operating result compared to the previous year. On the other hand, the Solutions business segment’s result was significantly affected by one-off expenses in connection with the termination of loss-making activities in Germany.

At €132.9m, the Logwin Group’s free cash flow substantially exceeded the previous year’s figure of €88.6m. The Logwin Group recorded a cash inflow from operating activities of €169.6m (2021: €125.9m). The group’s net liquidity increased again significantly to €281.7m at the end of the year (2021: €168.4m).

As announced in January 2023, the Board of Directors of Logwin AG aims to propose a dividend of €24.00 per share to the Annual General Meeting of the company on 31 March 2023.

Source: Logwin Logistics