Kombiverkehr produces revenue loss but volume gain in 2016

Kombiverkehr made sales of €450m (down 0.7% year-over-year) after increasing volumes in 2016. It reported 985,424 transported truckloads or 1.97m TEUs in the year in the form of swap bodies, semi-trailers and containers. This represented a gain of over 7,300 consignments or 0.7%.

Robert Breuhahn, Managing Director of Kombiverkehr, said, “Even though protracted strike action in France, extensive engineering works on the European rail network and the two-week closure of one of the most important European terminals in Ludwigshafen had a negative impact on the volume of consignments in the 2016 financial year, with a fall of over 3%, the growth in national and international transport shows that the market still finds intermodal services attractive.”

In bilateral transport between Germany and more than 30 European countries, the Frankfurt-based company transported a total of 782,497 truckloads (1.56m TEUs), which represents an increase of 6,105 truckloads or 0.8%. In particular, transport services to and from Scandinavia made an above-average contribution to this positive result.

Customers in the forwarding and logistics sector boosted the volume of freight carried on the 170 direct and shuttle trains operating daily in the Kombiverkehr network by 1.9% to 23.16m gross tonnes. The company recorded even higher growth in transport output, which increased by 4.0% to 18.97bn tonne-kilometres.

Source: Kombiverkehr