Kerry Logistics, Deloitte and Cargosmart use blockchain to digitise global logistics

Kerry Logistics

Kerry Logistics Network Limited, Deloitte and CargoSmart have created a blockchain platform to digitise document exchange and improve traceability in the shipping industry. The platform was completed in December 2018 and can be used across different Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and cloud networks that are used by participants in global trade and finance.

Wilson Lee, Group Director of Information Technology, Kerry Logistics, explained the network: “Distributed ledger is a technology that could simplify the complicated transactions in logistics operations. When we eliminate redundant processes, we can bring new benefits to our customers and to the planet, which has always been one of Kerry Logistics’ beliefs. Blockchain is more than cryptocurrency, it is the future of logistics, especially when Internet of Things applications are put to use. Kerry Logistics sees it as the solution for ultimate supply chain optimisation and is trying all means to be in the vanguard of this revolution. The implication of this POC (proof of concept) with Deloitte and CargoSmart is significant, as it defines a new agenda of the next digital age in our industry. The ones who set the ground rules will be the leaders for the next era.”

Source: Kerry Logistics