Karstadt and Fiege to found Fiege X Log


Fiege and department store chain, Karstadt, have decided to form a joint venture starting from January 1, 2020. The joint venture has mainly taken place due to Karstadt’s desire to get back involved in the logistics market. The joint venture named Fiege X Log will handle all logistics for Karstadt starting 2020. 

Jens Fiege, member of the Board of Greven-based family business said: “Customers expect a smooth buying experience across all channels, which is why we will connect e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retailers and marketplace operations via an omnichannel approach and beyond this. Also, we will offer additional innovative services to the end customer.”

The new supply chain structure is already being designed for Karstadt. After organization design, Karstadt will focus on splitting its activities into 3 different segments named logistics, check-out and sales.

“It was particularly important to us to bring the logistics outsourced since 2005 back to us.” commented Dr Stephan Fanderl, the Chief Executive Officer of Karstadt, adding: “With this joint venture, we will be combining the best of both worlds in retail and supply chain services. “

Source: Fiege