JD to hire 35,000 employees during Coronavirus outbreak

JD Logistics has announced it is seeking to raise as much as $3.4bn in its Hong Kong initial public offering (IPO).

JD.com and its online delivery platform, Dada Group, will provide 35,000 jobs during the Coronavirus epidemic. The move aims to minimise the impact of the epidemic on employment and to help tide small and medium enterprises over during the period.

JD Logistics will offer over 20,000 frontline positions, such as warehouse workers, pickers, couriers, and drivers.

Dada Group will offer 15,000 positions. Dada Now, a local on-demand delivery platform, is working with human resources organisations and restaurants to recruit 10,000 couriers in over 2,400 cities and counties in China. JD Daojia, a local on-demand retail platform, under Dada Group, will assist its retail partners in recruiting over 5,000 positions, such as pickers and packers, in more than 30 cities to meet the demand resulting from increasing online orders.

7Fresh will also hire short-term staff from restaurants, hotels, cinemas and other retail establishments that are temporarily closed due to the coronavirus.

Source: JD.com