Incheon Port to start 24/7 operations in July

Incheon Port Authority (IPA) announced that it will start a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service from July 1 at Incheon Port, South Korea. As a result, shippers, ship owners and transport companies can carry in and out, transport, load and offload cargo at any time.

According to IPA, a total of 37 companies including 4 loading companies, 13 transport companies, 15 warehouse owners, and five service companies will start 24/7 services, such as vessels docking and departure, and uninterrupted freight handling at the main container terminal. Import and export companies will now be able to access services late at night or in the early morning.

Kim Jong-gil, Director of the logistics promotion team of IPA, said, “The non-stop operation service at Incheon port will save port customers’ time and cost and enhance the competitiveness of Incheon port itself,” adding, “IPA will continue to seek ways to improve services and regulations to support port customers’ business.”

Source: ICPA