Hupac Intermodal appoints new CEO

Swiss intermodal transport operator Hupac is preparing for a multi-stage change in its leadership. In August 2018, Michail Stahlhut (50) will take over the helm of the operating subsidiary Hupac Intermodal Ltd. After a two-year transitional phase, the Board of Directors will also transfer the management of the parent company Hupac Ltd to him.

Beni Kunz (60), managing director of Hupac Intermodal Ltd and Hupac Ltd since 2001, will continue to head Hupac Ltd for another two years from this coming August. It is also foreseen that subsequently he will support the company’s strategic projects as a member of the Board of Directors.

Michail Stahlhut has served as CEO of SBB Cargo International AG since 2010. After a six-year commitment as an officer of the German armed forces, he began his career as a railway engineer in the freight transport division of DB where he was lastly responsible for the Mannheim production region. Stahlhut held a number of leadership and management positions at various private railroad companies (Eichholz, Osthannoversche Eisenbahn, Arriva), before he took over the newly established SBB Cargo International AG and its subsidiaries in Italy and Germany in 2010.

The generational change at Hupac, established in 1967, has been long planned and prepared with great care. After appointing Angelo Pirro (40) head of the finance division in June of 2017, the position of CEO is now gradually transferred to a younger generation. “A seamless change is important to us to ensure a maximum of continuity and reliability to our customers and partners”, said Hans-Jörg Bertschi, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Michail Stahlhut is a successful professional in European rail freight transportation and expected to continue growing Hupac’s business. The Swiss Alptransit tunnels with the 4-meter corridor represent a significant challenge for the industry and require an even closer connection of the processes between railways and intermodal operator: “Hupac will benefit from Stahlhut’s railway experience. Railway know-how plus market proximity are key for the success of intermodal transport,” said Bertschi.

Source: Hupac