Hellmann Worldwide announces record 2021 finances

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has announced 2021 as the most successful financial year in its 150-year history. In a market environment shaped by capacity bottlenecks, rising freight rates, and supply chain disruptions, Hellmann was able to secure capacity for its customers as well as offer tailored logistics solutions. As a result, the number of shipments increased by 25% compared to the prior year (16.2m to 20.3m). Consolidated sales increased by €1.5bn, representing an increase of 61%, and crossed the €4bn mark for the first time in company history.

In addition to the increase in volume and the significant industry-wide rise in freight rates, the main growth drivers were future-oriented acquisitions executed during the reporting period. In terms of products, growth in the areas of air and sea freight, in particular, contributed to the increase in revenue. Strength in ecommerce has also served the company well. As for the result by geography, the Hellmann regions Latin America, Asia-Pacific and North America achieved organic above-average growth. Despite a significant increase in investment activities, liquidity was enhanced by a total of €69.9m due to an improved cash flow from operating activities of €117.5m. EBIT for the year 2021 amounts to €160.1m (vs. €74.2m during the prior year). To cover market-related additional expenses and ensure the maintenance of first class service levels for customers, Hellmann also invested in its workforce during the reporting period, increasing staff by more than 16% to a total of 12,348 employees by the end of the year 2021. 

The strategic development of the company has also been marked by many successful milestones during the past year. In addition to the openings of several new country offices in Asia and the Middle East, the expansion within France, as one of Europe’s largest markets, was also of strategic importance. Throughout 2021, Hellmann finalized numerous strategically critical acquisitions including the purchase of the joint venture Rhenus & Hellmann, acquisitions made by the Hellmann East Europe Group, and the procurement of minority shares of the Hellmann company in Australia. 

Source: Hellman Worldwide