Hellmann launches new tracking tool ‘Smart Ocean’

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, together with the IT company BusinessCode, has announced the launch of a new tracking tool specifically for sea freight. “Smart Ocean” is a monitoring system that is used across sectors in sea freight.

“Smart Ocean” is aimed at logistics managers in all industries whose supply chain depends on sea transport. The system provides an overview of the current location of the containers, independent of the forwarder, making it possible to compare the performance not only of the forwarders but also of the various carriers. Instead of following the route of the goods on track and trace pages of individual shipping companies, the users of “Smart Ocean” can view the collected data in a single system. “Smart Ocean” aims to provide end-to-end visibility without changing the established delivery process.

“Since planning and seamless reporting within the entire supply chain are progressively expected to be available in real-time, it was obvious for Hellmann to develop a user-friendly customer platform. Thanks to the increased transparency and thus optimised transport chains, the investment often pays for itself within just a few months,” said Product Manager Henning Pottharst, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

In addition to “Smart Ocean”, which is used exclusively by sea, Hellmann also offers the tracking tool “Smart Visibility”, which provides information on temperature, light incidence and vibrations along the entire supply chain in addition to the current position of the shipment.

Source: Hellmann Worldwide Logistics