Hellmann expands its presence in France

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has announced that it has opened its first air and sea freight branch in France. The new French branch located in Villepinte, close to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, aims to strengthen the company’s market position in France. With the creation of a new legal entity in France, Hellmann is now independently represented in one of the largest markets in Europe, offering supply chain services across multiple countries. The focus will be on serving existing multinational customers who are already working with Hellmann in other parts of the world and have expressed the need for a branch in France. In the midterm, the new company will also increasingly serve local customers in the French SME sector.

“In recent years, the air and sea freight business has continuously improved in Europe and we now have the necessary independence to actively drive growth. Establishing our own Hellmann network in France is an important building block in our global and European growth strategy, especially considering our ongoing expansion of the hub/ gateway systems in our LCL product segment,” said Reiner Heiken, CEO Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

The decision to establish Hellmann´s own legal entity in France comes at the conclusion of a long partnership with Heppner in air and sea freight. It gives both Hellmann and Heppner the opportunity to develop strategically in a changing market environment and expand their individual service offerings. The successful cooperation between Hellmann and Heppner in the field of land transport between Germany and France as well as in the joint management of a logistics location near Paris remain unchanged going forward.

Source: Hellmann