Thematic Search: Brexit

To understand a topic as complex as Brexit you need analysis of the subject from top to bottom; you need to see the big picture, but also how it affects individual logistics markets, vertical sectors countries and companies.

The new GSCi search feature allows you to access all this data from one location on GSCi, so you can get the full picture right away.



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Data search: Market shares

When looking for key data on the market you don’t want to spend hours searching through tables for the piece of data you need, you just want to search for it right away.


GSCi’s new search enables this. For instance, you could simply search ‘contract logistics rankings’ and instantly find a full list of the companies and their revenues. You could do the same for any other logistics data.



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Operations Search: 

When you need specific information on a company’s operations, you don’t want to sift through annual reports looking for limited information on say, K+N pharmaceutical operations in APAC.



Instead you want to perform a quick search for information on these services and get the data you need.


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