Global Supply Chain Intelligence (GSCi):

New Data Tool

GSCi’s new data hub tool allows you to build and customise the exact data you need for your reports and business planning.

Use our new tool to export and manipulate Ti’s latest 2021 market sizing data and growth forecasts, allowing you to drill down into the data you require in order to keep ahead of market developments.

The data tool enables users to: 

  • Generate market sizing data in absolute terms, or by growth rates and forecast data
  • Customise data by logistics market and sub-market (air and sea freight, international and domestic) and by region and country
  • Convert all reports to a currency of your choice, with live exchange rates
  • Apply the reports to your own business models or reporting

  5 ways it will benefit your business:

  • Optimise your strategy to changing conditions by market and around the world
  • Identify and capitalise on new opportunities
  • Enable more accurate planning based on market leading forecasts
  • Build the case for investment in your business based on the market’s development
  • Save time collating market data for your business planning


New Market Sizing Data and Post-Covid 2020-2025 Market Forecasts now available on GSCi:


Support your strategic planning with GSCi’s post-Covid 2020-2025 market growth forecasts:

  • Use logistics market forecasts and segmentation to continue to plan post-Covid growth expectations for 2021 and through to 2025
  • Use vertical sector forecasts to identify and target key growth and high margin niches
  • Map out growth expectations for your individual country operations with Ti’s geographic breakdowns of market growth by sector and market
  • Calculate your own market share by market niche or sector and get market share data for the leaders in each niche and country


How is the data displayed and visualized?

Ti market sizing can be viewed on GSCi as tables and visualized in heat maps, and in a variety of charts.Data is displayed in interactive charts and maps to help you understand and interpret the data faster.


How can I access it?

You can get quick and easy access to our new data hub tool and our latest market sizing data by subscribing to Ti’s GSCi database.

As a subscriber to GSCi you’ll get access to all this information and updated figures as soon as they are released. So with a GSCi subscription you’ll always have the latest data on growth in the logistics market, spotting potential problems and identifying opportunities as soon as possible.

You can directly subscribe online or request a preview, the Ti team will be happy to show you some of the data and how to download it before you decide to subscribe.



Logistics professionals, shippers, banks and consultancies also use GSCi to:

  • Assess the state of the industry by logistics market, geography etc
  • Create robust supply chain strategies through identifying risks and opportunities
  • Select sourcing locations based on data and trend analysis
  • Track the effects of supply chain disruption on the market
  • Identify all the key trends for 2021 and beyond…