GLS Poland expands Poznań site

gls poland poznan

GLS Poland has considerably expanded the depot in Poznań. Since August 2020, a new hall has been integrated, which increases the total area by about 50%. The number of gates for delivery vehicles almost doubled to 158, and the number of loading and unloading gates for linehaul trucks increased from 8 to 13, with the possibility of adding more.

The site can now handle twice as many parcels per day as before the expansion. The new sorting plant also makes a significant contribution to this. GLS Poland uses the greater capacity for handling the growing number of shipments for and from the area of operation.

As of autumn 2020, the depot will also function as a regional distribution centre. In addition, Poznán is to take over part of the international parcel handling, thus relieving the Polish HUB in Stryków. In particular, linehaul services in western directions will in future be routed via the expanded location.

The Polish GLS headquarters are located on the Poznań site and the depot has been in operation since 2008.

Source: GLS