GLP signs a nine-year lease with Delaisy Kargo

GLP announced the lease of G-Park Lormaison to Delaisy Kargo. G-Park Lormaison is a logistics warehouse which has been completed after 10 months of work.

The building, with a surface area of almost 19,000 sq m, has been leased in its entirety for nine years by Delaisy Kargo, a French company for distribution of professional hygiene products, equipment and consumables for over 45 years. The installation of facilities will start in October 2022, and Delaisy Kargo will begin operations at the site in March 2023.

Located in the Oise region of Picardy, the site is situated in the communes of Lormaison and Saint-Crépin-Ibouvillers (Z.A. de la Reine Blanche), 50 km from Paris. The proximity to Paris and its consumer base makes the Oise an ideal location, close to the main roads (A16). The region also offers an attractive employment pool, lower taxes than in the Ile-de-France, and greater availability of land. GLP has four other sites in Picardy, all of which are fully occupied.

G-Park Lormaison is a state-of-the-art building with excellent ESG features. With a clear height of 12m, the warehouse consists of three storage cells, supporting offices, social areas, and a guardhouse. GLP also builds its warehouses with a view to reducing their visual impact as much as possible, thanks to the building design and the blue gradient that blends into the sky.

The site has environmental specifications to reduce the building’s energy consumption, for example: LEDs have been installed throughout the building and presence detectors have been installed to limit energy consumption. The roof can be fitted with photovoltaic panels, rainwater will be recycled and used for sanitary purposes. Beehives have also been installed in the green spaces of the site to preserve biodiversity. The building has obtained the following ICPE authorisations: 1510, 1530, 1532, 2662, 2663, 2910, 2925 and is aiming for BREEAM Very Good certification.

Gilles Petit, Director of Asset Management GLP France, commented: “G-Park Lormaison joins the 1.4m sq m of logistics warehouses that GLP manages in France, of which more than 160,000 sq m are located in Picardy. We are delighted to welcome Delaisy Kargo to this site as a new GLP customer and we look forward to supporting the company’s expansion.”

Source: GLP