Market Report: Global Express & Small Parcels 2021

Global Express & Small Parcels 2021 will be published soon.

The report will contain:

  • Market sizing and forecasts – 2021 full year projections, 2020 full year and 2021 H1 growth rates and 2021-2025 CAGR forecasts, split by country, B2B and B2C.
  • Comparison of market pricing and parcel yields.
  • The future of on-demand delivery, including analysis of on-demand economics, investment, consolidation, localised services and market opportunities.
  • Detailed assessment of B2B express logistics, including market characteristics, major drivers, and customer segments.
  • In depth express provider profiles.
  • Comparative reviews of the global integrators.

To find out more, or to pre-order the report please contact:

Michael Clover, Head of Commercial Development, [email protected] | +44 (0) 1666 519907