Girteka is joining forces with Asendia

Girteka announced a partnership with Asendia UK, a subsidiary of the group company, a joint venture by the French La Poste and Swiss Post, providing mail delivery and e-commerce solutions to consumers and businesses worldwide.

Founded in 2012, Asendia handles all aspects of international e-commerce and mail logistics, including delivery, customs, e-fulfilment and returns. Today, the Asendia Group has 32 global locations on four continents and has acquired several companies, including esw, a global e-commerce software business. In 2021, Asendia UK began using Girteka’s services for a proportion of their inter-continental European road line haul.

“Girteka’s ability to offer large capacity is one of the biggest advantages for Asendia UK. The fleet size translates into available capacity and flexibility, especially in the loading schedule, which is very important for timely deliveries,” says Matthew Clark, Road Transport Manager at Asendia UK.

Regarding sustainability, online shoppers pay attention to how sustainable their parcel’s journey and/or packaging is. Hence, for e-commerce businesses, sustainability and environment-friendliness have become very important issues.

In January 2022, Asendia Group announced that the company had become 100% carbon neutral through a comprehensive offsetting programme for all international transport emissions and those by their delivery partners, parcel returns, office emissions, machinery, and business travel.

Girteka can offer Asendia a young and environmentally friendly fleet. For instance, the company’s Volvo trucks are equipped with the “I-Save” technology, which helps save 10% of fuel. In addition, Girteka trucks run on the fuel-efficient Euro 6 standard, focusing on HVO fuel, which can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90% compared to diesel fuel.

Source: Girteka