Frankfurt Airport utilises empty passenger aircraft to preserve supply chains


Frankfurt Airport has announced that it is providing its cargo infrastructure in full in order to preserve supply chains by utilising empty passenger aircraft.

According to Frankfurt Airport, approximately 40% of freight was flown as additional cargo on passenger aircraft last year and this decrease in passenger flights also means a decline in key air cargo capacity. In light of this, demand for cargo capacity is currently extremely high.

“Together with all players in the airfreight industry, we are doing our best to make up for a loss in capacities and routes. Our goal is to ensure supply, in particular by stepping up dedicated freight services,” said Max Philipp Conrady, Head of Freight Development and Freight Management at Fraport AG.

With the drop in passenger flights, the airport is already seeing a rise in freight flights to North America, south-east Asia and China, and this is expected to increase further. Frankfurt Airport is well prepared to provide the best possible conditions. One example is one of the world’s biggest pharma handling facilities covering 12,000 sq m temperature-controlled handling and storage areas.

Source: Fraport AG