FourKites partners with Anytrek


FourKites has partnered with Anytrek Corporation, a smart trailer solution provider, to integrate data from the company’s innovative GPS tracking devices into FourKites’ real-time transportation visibility platform.

The integration includes TrackLight, Anytrek’s patented GPS tracking product embedded into LED lights and connected to Anytrek’s secure web portal, which allows shippers to view the location of their fleet, define geofencing perimeters around specific locations, create multiple landmarks, view asset utilization reports, and manage and share trailer maintenance requirements to increase operational efficiency.

The partnership will also integrate data from Anytrek’s ThermoTrack digital tanker thermometers, which provide real-time updates on location and load temperatures from tank wash to unloading. A plug-in replacement for traditional analogue tanker thermometers, ThermoTrack is powered by solar panels and a built-in battery and delivers verifiable proof of the quality of deliveries, making it suitable for all food and beverage, and chemical loads.

FourKites is one of the best-in-class solutions for so many industries, making them a great choice for logistics and supply chain solutions,” said Larry Stocker, Senior Vice President of Corporate Business Development at Anytrek.

“We are thrilled to partner with Anytrek to provide a richer data stream from trailers carrying sensitive goods,” said Jason Eversole, VP of Global Customer Operations at FourKites. “Anytrek has a well-earned reputation for quality products that help customers optimize efficiency, improve safety and boost profitability.”

Source: FourKites