FM Logistic announces it is sponsoring start-up Click&Truck

FM Logistic

FM Logistic has announced that it is sponsoring the start-up company, Click&Truck, a collaborative business-to-business platform that allows industrial SMEs and manufacturers to source transporters’ available capacities in real-time.

In France more than 20% of the available capacity of transport SMEs goes unused; at the same time many industrial SMEs struggle to find transporters for their low volume loads (from 1 to 10 pallets) and it’s generally more expensive.

According to FM Logistic, of the nearly 40,000 transport companies in France, 90% of which have less than 10 employees, many are faced with the issue of optimising loads. The rate of empty runs is more than 20%, which poses a major challenge for small companies that try to remain profitable but have no access to a diversified customer portfolio.

Click&Truck therefore facilitates the meeting of transport companies and manufacturers, and allows for manufacturers’ requirements and transporters’ available capacities to be entered into a database. A search engine is then able to align supply with demand in real time.

The Click&Truck project has been in its trial phase since the end of summer 2016. It is being tested in the three French regions of les Hauts de France, l’Île-de- France, and Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne.

Initial feedback is expected in October, with further developments by the end of 2016. The objective is for national network coverage in 2017.

Caroline Sulfour, Click&Truck creator explained, “The collaborative economy is part of our daily lives. Click&Truck is the transposition of this concept to the world of road freight transport. I am convinced that the future will be built on greater resource sharing and better collaboration between all players in the chain. Click&Truck’s ambition is to create a network that makes relations easier between industrial and transport SMEs so that everyone’s a winner.”

Source: FM Logistic