Total Logistics 2019

Total Logistics offers a concise, easy to understand view of the industry. 



The report:

  • Looks at the current state of the overall logistics market from a range of perspectives.
  • Assesses the factors that have shaped the logistics market in the past and those that will transform it in the future.
  • Analyses the key strategic decisions that have to be made in light of the most important trends, risks and challenges facing the sector.
  • Examines the key regional differences across the world as well as viewing the benefits and risks of globalized supply chains.

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Global e-commerce 2019

Global e-commerce Logistics 2019 includes the latest research on the rapidly changing e-commerce logistics sector.


As e-commerce markets become more mature, consumer expectations on deliveries are evolving dramatically. No doubt these demands placed on retailers, last mile and e-fulfilment providers will continue to drive changes in the industry for many years to come.

The report examines trends such as the rise of cross-border e-commerce, city logistics and on-demand delivery platforms and proposes concrete solutions to improve last mile and e-fulfilment operations to meet rapidly evolving customer expectations. Frictionless returns in particular are becoming a competitive advantage and the report examines a number of product features that facilitate a smooth and efficient returns service.

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Asia Pacific Logistics and Supply Chain State of the Market Report 2019



This in-depth report provides an assessment of the region’s most dynamic logistics markets

  • How will global trade tensions affect the region’s high growth, export-oriented economies?
  • Which logistics markets are set for highest growth in 2019?
  • What strategies do key global and regional LSPs have in place?

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Electric Vehicle Supply Chain Architecture

Battery-powered drive trains have the potential to fundamentally reshape automotive supply chains



  • How will the switch to battery-powered propulsion change vehicle manufacturing?
  • Are vehicle manufacturers and LSPs prepared for the changes they will need to make?
  • Can logistics providers adapt to the new geographies of automotive manufacturing supply chains?

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