Fiege awarded Fynch-Hatton contract


The Fynch-Hatton fashion brand has put Fiege in charge of handling virtually its complete supply chain. Fiege has been supplying retailers stocking the Fynch-Hatton fashion brand, the fashion label’s own outlets and online shoppers since November of last year. Until completion of Fynch-Hatton’s own logistics centre in Mönchengladbach, operations will be carried out Fiege’s site in Neuss. Fiege will also handle Fynch-Hatton’s logistics at the new facility once completed.

Almost 760,000 garments have already been shipped from Neuss around the world since November 2017 in three major deliveries departing from the Neuss branch. Fynch-Hatton is sold at 2,250 sales outlets in 55 countries, including seven proprietary shops in Germany. Fiege stores roughly 10,000 cross-docking parcels in Neuss. The merchandise packed in cross-docking parcels is picked and pre-packed ready for retailers and branches at the production site. Fiege handles their transhipment.

Fiege also manages the offloading of containers and cross-docking for 8,600 different items. Value-added services like applying customised labels or sending out the sample collections round off the services portfolio.

Source: Fiege