FESCO expands China-Russia services

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FESCO, together with Sino-Russian transportation company SWIFT, has launched a new service from China to Russia. The FESCO Mongolian shuttle will carry freight between Xiamen and Moscow. FESCO also announced it would increase the number of its existing services on the China-Mongolia-Russia route.

The first train carrying 82 TEU was dispatched from the Fujian province in China to Kupavna in Russia on August 25, 2017. Time in transit of the service will be 14 days with the route running via border stations Erlian, China; Zamyn-Uud, Mongolia; and Naushki, Russia. The FESCO Mongolian Shuttle will make two regular dispatches per month, and will depart on a weekly basis in the future.

The cargo base for the service is set to be formed by exports goods from Fujan and surrounding regions such as Shanghai, Ningbo and Guangzhou. These are primarily consumer goods, textiles and shoes.

FESCO launched its first continental service from China to Russia in late 2016 from Tianjin-Moscow. A transit service from China to Germany, passing through Mongolia, will start from early August 2017.

Source: FESCO