FESCO and Russian Railways launch transit service

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FESCO Transportation Group and JSC RZD Logistics, subsidiary of JSC Russian Railways, have announced the launch of the Trans-Siberian Landbridge, a joint transit service for express delivery of goods from Japan to Europe through the Russian Far East by the Trans-Siberian railway.

The intermodal chain of the Trans-Siberian Landbridge covers Japanese ports, the Commercial Port of Vladivostok, the Trans-Siberian railway, Brest and points of destination in Europe. The total delivery time is from 19 days depending on port of dispatch, while the sea transportation through the Suez Canal takes about 45 days.

A test container with non-hazardous chemical products shipped from the port of Yokohama, Japan to Wroclaw, Poland, will arrive in mid-June. The test shipment allows the parties to work out the transportation technology in order to make the service available to customers in June 2019, and subsequently organise the return transportation from Europe to Japan. It is expected that the Trans-Siberian Landbridge will serve for transportation of car components and consumer goods to Europe.

“Today, all cargo traffic of 3 million TEU per year between Japan and Europe goes through the Suez Canal. In cooperation with colleagues from Russian Railways, we can offer our customers a faster and more efficient transportation service along the Trans-Siberian railway. Attracting transit cargo to the Russian infrastructure meets both national strategic objectives and objective economic interests of market participants. I’m sure that the Trans-Siberian Landbridge will be in demand with Japanese partners and will strengthen and expand our mutually beneficial cooperation,” said Alexander Isurin, President of FESCO.

Source: FESCO